Where's The Harm In Dreams Disarmed

by Cut City

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Corrections When this track kicks in, compressed as fuck and ready to obliterate your ears, you know you'll have this album on repeat for a while. The distorted beauty of the track may make you shed a single tear so be careful. Favorite track: The Kids of Masochism High.
Sébastien Sanchez-Rodriguez
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Sébastien Sanchez-Rodriguez Awesome cold pop post-punk band from Sweden. Their discography is a " Best Seller " , very rare to found a amazing perfect indie band in this music style.
R.I.P CUT CITY and Thanks for your music. Favorite track: Cults Revisited.
david campbell
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david campbell easly my album of 2011 right through to 2012...a beautifully crafted body of work from an awesome band....everything i expected and more. Favorite track: A Modest Recovery.
David Calkins
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David Calkins This is one of the most infectious albums to come out in recent years where I enjoy it ALL from beginning to end. There aren't many like this! Glad to have finally ordered the physical version. If you're still reading this, I secretly think that fellow Swedish band Ghost borrowed the idea/opening riff of Ghost Pose for their song "Ritual". Favorite track: Void.
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    With the abundance of digitized music stockpiling the internet, this record's destiny might be to float on, unnoticed by the masses. That would be a shame, but for the members of Cut City, the physical release of ”Where's The Harm In Dreams Disarmed” marks the end of a journey that commenced more than four years ago.

    As the delight of the lush ”Narcissus Can Wait” 12” (Deleted Art/Some Industries, 2009) was quickly absorbed and fans thirsting for more, the band set out to record their second full-length, the follow-up to their dark and daring debut ”Exit Decades” (Gold Standard Laboratories, 2007). But little did they know that it would take eons to finish and very little did they know that the band would cease operation before it was out. But as with every grand finale there's immense beauty in the light that it casts.

    The title says more than anything; is there any other notion that conjures the image of acceptance of failure than ”Where's The Harm In Dreams Disarmed”? Though a majority of the record was written before Cut City decided to go on an extended hiatus, the album and its lyrics is pregnant with poignant themes of loss and deflation of mind. But as with every Cut City record there's the polarity of words and music; if things look bleak there's always something to counter that notion. ”Where's The Harm In Dreams Disarmed” may lyrically be dressed in a bleak and ominous costume but the musical backdrop is a mesmerizing and dreamy collage of sounds and thrusting beats. The anthemic opening track ”Void” sets the tone and paves the way for the wall-of-sound of ”A Modest Recovery”, which in turn leaves the field wide open for emotions to run wild. Then, of course, there's the ninth and last track, an 11-minute trilogy of love lost and drowned, which gives the word epic a whole new meaning.

    ”Where's The Harm In Dreams Disarmed” hit the digital record shelves in August last year and the immediate response was that of its stunning beauty. We knew that Cut City could write songs but an album like this is just one in a million.

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released June 6, 2011


all rights reserved



Cut City Sweden

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Track Name: Void
And our ghosts they won't outrun our bullets
And our ghosts they will howl
And our ghosts they won't outrun our bullets
Because steady hands they won't fail

Soon dead eyes will roll
Takes its toll for another round
You never learn you never learn you never learn
Are you surprised you got burned?

It's my life
Track Name: A Modest Recovery
You're nothing short of amazing
I might choke but I'm still be gazing
From the rooftops witnessing squares running in circles

For you I'd sanction murder
To ease a tedious burden
The scum and regular people would say it's deceitful

With death I will entertain you
With smoke from barrels spare few
Pile bodies to a pillar of grandeur that mirrors your beauty

And on someone elses behalf
I'd crack a joke so you can laugh
It's a bleak affaire but it's fairly done
The shots I called the laws I shunned

You're the perfection that requires night rites
A carcrash redeemed so I just smile
To be perfectly perfectly honest wouldn't you too

And on someone elses behalf
I'd crack a joke so you can laugh
It's a bleak affaire but it's fairly done
The shots I called the laws I shunned

It just doesn't get any better

So there's a want of
A modest recovery
And all I give you
Is a sudden relief
From famous thieves
And what they stole
Track Name: The Sound & The Sore
For so long
For so long
Empty chairs and (where's) the enemy

We picture the picture differently
Vacant eyes stare endlessly
Got no blood on my hands
But a minute to spare

For too long
For too long
Different knives in the very same wound

Sum of thoughts of how it should be
Accompanied by someone to leave
A lot of blood on my hands
And a minute's despair

Greetings from the darkness
No pity shown
We wade in pools of blood that we call our home
Pleased to meet me
I'm leaving

Death comes ripping
No pity shown
It's all so disgusting but I know my home
Pleased to meet me
It's deceiving

And it feels so real
And it feels surreal
And it feels so real
And it feels surreal
And it feels so real
And it feels surreal
And it feels so real
Track Name: Cults Revisited
Think my heart would change its way?
Suddenly I run away?
I know more than mirrors say
I would never run away

Never run away

Golden heart's till the pearly gates
Baby forever now can I wait
I know more than mirrors say
I would never run away
Track Name: Future Tears Today

Now the curtains pulled and the chairs are on the floor
Let's narrow it down to a drunken brawl
Is there anything you'd like to say
That you didn't yesterday

These are the remains of a conversation run dry
With the token face of a child you act surprised
How can language fail you so with the history that you tow

You were a drunken punchline that betrayed you that night
With a speech that rivaled something out of the third reich
But is it really that hard to sit
Straight up and admit

But now you're putting money where you're mouth shouldn't be
Seeing things that you definitely shouldn't be seeing

And that's alright when your numbers up
And it's alright when your loss their trust
And it's alright to be wasting time
Because it's not a crime

There's an end to be seen if you give in and fail
Doesn't matter a bit if your life really derails
But don't burn the world word by word
Coz this hour's the last to be heard
Track Name: War Drum
First faint hum
Then along came war drums
Knowing well my ears

Soon the songs became
White noise from the leftfield
Guided by my eyes from safer grounds

Rush no rush
A broken monologue
Severed from my ashes
Lying on the ground

Dirty sleeves
The catalyst of a smug smile
Known by heart
To deceive

Slower minds
Prepared for the let-down
No genius is present
No genius ever cared enough

The weight we share
The wait and we dare
Track Name: Left of Denial
Perversely, all four on the floor
Low by new standards
Low coz I can stand it

Honestly dreams disarm me
Drunk by new standards
Drunk coz I can't stand myself

Panic makes for a good conversation
Panic my only friend

Willingly, hands tied to tired eyes
Fucked coz I deserve it
Fucked coz I earned it

So count me in
So count me out
Track Name: Ghost Pose - 1) Lover, 2) Drifter, 3) Floater
Friend or foe
Or just forgotten
Never clearer
And I still don't understand

I run afraid
Can't numb the pain

When in doubt
or just distracted
Never clearer
And still don't understand

The way we speak of unspoken words
And the sides of you that we set aside
Watch me with a wry smile
Flog those pretty horses

Man that mars
Simple harm
It's crystal clear
And through time we befriend our fears

So realise
We're bleeding dry
All of my dreams
And don't you know
There's something here
We could not fix

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